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Halong calypso cruise
Daily tour from Hanoi. This 2 days 1 night tour departs from your hotel, overnight on Calypso Cruise
excursion hanoi ninh binh
Excursion Hanoi Ninh Binh aux meilleurs prix
voyage vietnam 3 semaines
Voyage organisé Vietnam via agence de voyage au Vietnam
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Strecken Prince Routing Karte 2 Tage / 1 Nacht von Prince Halong, 3 Tage / 2 Nächte Routing-Karte ...
Kreuzfahrt auf Hai Long Junk 03 Tage 02 Nächte, HaiLong Dschunke 3 tage
Voyage mekong vietnam
Croisières et excursions à visiter le delta du Mékong au Vietnam
excursion sapa
Excursion Sapa pendant 2 jours, 3 jours, 4 jours ou même une semaine, beaucoup de belle chose vous attend à Sapa

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Bo Nau Grotto

Bo Nau Grotto

Location: Bo Nau Grotto or Pelican Grotto lies far from 2-3km southeast of Trong Mai Islet.
Characteristics: This vaulted grotto covers 200m2. The floor of the grotto is wide and flat but not deep and its wall features lots of stalactites and stalagmites.
Bo Nau Grotto is one of the beauty grottoes in Halong Bay(Halong Bucht Vietnam). At the entrance are three stones, looking like three fairies with their heads close to one another. Two men appear to be playing chess, with the third serving as a referee.
The name Bo Nau or Bo Nong is associated with the fact that pelicans often take shelter here. If Dau Go Grotto lies completely inside the island, Bo Nau opens its mouth at the side of the island. Stalactites fall down from the roof of the grotto in different clusters. Meanwhile stalagmites grow up in different shapes and layers. Is this that the life out there is so noisy that the three fairies have to choose this tranquil place to play chess? Turning southward, Bo Nau Grotto enjoys cool wind. Standing there, one can hear the murmur of the sea all year round.

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